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Padrick/Smith/Smith Win CCA Inside Out Tournament

by Lee Padrick, October 13, 2013

On Saturday, October 12th, Dwayne Smith, Jeff Smith, and I fished the 2013 CCA Inside Out Tournament, held at Portside Marina in Morehead City, NC.  The goal of the tournament is to bring in one redfish, one speckled trout, and one flounder.  The redfish must be 18-27", the trout must be at least 18", and the flounder must be 16".  

We started fishing at 7 AM, on a falling tide.  Low tide was at 8:47 AM, so it was going to be tough to catch the trout on that tide.  As we worked down a marshbank, Dwayne catches a 3 lb redfish.  A few minutes later, we upgrade the red when I catch a 5+ lb fish, so we hit our target weight for the redfish.  Its time to catch a trout and a flounder.  

Fishing With Friends

by Lee Padrick, October 9, 2013

I had been telling some friends that as soon as October rolls around, we're going trout fishing.  But there is no greater pressure than having to put your family and friends on fish.  So when Stephen E. Smith agreed to go fishing with me and Dwayne Smith, I felt the pressure.  

When I met Stephen at the dock, I asked him if he wanted the good news or the bad news.  He chose the good.  I told him, "We're going to catch some fish."  

NC Fall Redfish Shootout - The Redfish Guys

by Lee Padrick, October 6, 2013

The Redfish Guys came in second place at the NC Fall Redfish Shootout held at Fulcher's Landing in Sneads Ferry on October 5th.  

This event was the third of the year held at this location, with previous tournaments in May and July.  This tournament was originally scheduled for September 28th, but high winds convinced the teams to move it back a week.

Catch Redfish On Popping Corks

by Lee Padrick, October 2, 2013 

The popping cork rig has proven over time to be a deadly technique for catching shallow water redfish.  This simple rig will keep the lure in the strike zone and attract predators with splashes and rattles.  It is an essential part of my approach to putting redfish in the boat.

There are many popping cork products on the market, corks that gurgle, splash, rattle, and click.  The corks come in many types of shapes and colors.  Some popping corks can even be purchased pre-rigged.  The method I prefer is the oval popping cork.  This cork produces a rattle and click that sounds much like a baitfish being eaten, or a shrimp popping.  Also, with the right tackle setup, this cork casts extremely well, in comparison to many of the other products on the market.