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Creeking For Trout

Not a trout
by Lee Padrick, November 7, 2013

I have been spending time this week exploring some of the coastal creeks off of the Pamlico and Neuse Rivers, in search of speckled trout.  These small creeks and their wooded shorelines have granted sanctuary from the strong North winds of the past week.

The technique my friends and I have been using is fishing suspending hardbaits.  These smaller lures will sink slowly, and can prove irresistible to speckled trout.  The soft plastics on jigheads and artificial shrimp lures have worked also, but the trout have seemed to prefer the suspending hardbaits.  We have been catching flounder, stripers, and even largemouth bass in the same areas that we have caught the trout.  

The water temps have been around 60 degrees all week, and the creeks are holding a lot of menhaden.  The trout have been found near the schools of menhaden; I think that's why the hardbaits that imitate the menhaden have worked the best.  Most of the fish have been caught in 4'-7' of water.

After the cold front at the end of this week, the water temps should drop a few more degrees and the bite should get more consistent as the trout feed in anticipation for the cold of winter.  We will start to find the fish in deeper water in the backs of the creeks, where the water will likely be warmer and the bait fish will congregate.


Video of the Week:  

Mobile:  Creeking For Trout

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